Business English – Groups

Business English group courses for companies

Group courses for companies are available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

By group we mean a class of 2 to 5 participants of a homogeneous level so that the training intervention is effective and the objectives are achieved.

Tailor-made language training

Tailor-made” training means “tailor-made” and this is why OVERSEA pays great attention to the analysis not only of the level of knowledge of the language but also to the linguistic needs of each participant so that the group course is really aimed at the acquisition of linguistic structures and vocabulary strictly related to one’s own working sphere.

How is the course organised?

First Step: Entry Test

The first phase is characterised by the Entry test, which has been entirely designed by the OVERSEA staff and which, taking into account the evaluation scale of the Council of Europe, allows to check the level of knowledge of the language.

A form is attached to the Test which detects the areas of language use. This information is fundamental as it allows the design and realisation of ad hoc material that meets the needs of the group.

Second step: Analysis

Presentation of generic and/or specific cases as defined in the initial analysis phase.

The four language skills are harmoniously developed as well as grammar, which is generally deduced from situations presented in the classroom. Grammar is developed according to the level of knowledge of the language, i.e. students with an elementary and/or pre-intermediate level of knowledge will approach the study of morpho-syntactic structures in a punctual manner.

Third step: Development

Development and classroom presentation of real cases with a focus on the areas of own competence.

Fourth step: Final Test

Final Test last 1 hour. Usually it is a test covering all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking to give a comprehensive picture of the learners’ skills at the end of the course.

Certified result

At the end of the course, Oversea issues a Certificate, in accordance with the Council of Europe, which proves, through the ALTE levels, the linguistic competences reached at the end of the training course.

The teachers of the Oversea staff, in addition to holding a degree obtained in their country of origin, are endowed with remarkable communication skills.

They are also coordinated by our Board of Education.

The Educational Office will also provide weekly Excel files with updated calendars and attendance.

Benefits of an in-company group course

The advantages of an in-company group course, whether language or other, are many and varied. We have often tried to apply the principles of Team Building to our language courses, so to encourage participants to:

  • express their potential also in a foreign language;
  • contribute to the consolidation of relationships within workgroups;
  • recreate situations in context (see all the work on Presentations);
    increase productivity;
  • thinking outside the box and in another language to evaluate problems from a different perspective.

Over the years, prestigious companies in and around Turin have counted on Oversea to train their employees. Request your tailor-made group proposal now!