moleTorino, first Italian capital city, is today a major hub as far as universities, scientific centres and cultural life in general. Italian 4th city as per population, it is also the county town of the Piedmont Region.
Nestled in the Alps and crossed by the Po river, it is only a 2-hour drive from the seaside, enjoying a strategic position which sets it right in the middle of Europe.

More than 50 museums, cultural heritage assets, castles, palaces and exhibition centres make what Torino can offer its visitors, making it an international must-see attraction.
This concise guide shows Torino to its own inhabitants and to tourists, disclosing its history and cultural heritage by showing its milestones that have the taste of past, represent present times and transport you in the future. Most itineraries uncoil right in the city centre and are on foot. Royal palaces scattered on the outskirts of town and some new museums enlarge the scenery but are easily reachable by public transportation.

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