Standard courses of Italian

These are “standard” courses for all levels, lasting a total of 40 hours, with participants divided into homogeneous levels of language knowledge.

The course includes an Entry Test based on 100 written questions.

What levels are available for online Italian courses for foreigners?

from beginner > to A1 elementary

from A1 elementary > to A2 pre-intermediate

from A2 pre-intermediate> to B1 low-intermediate

B1 low-intermediate> to B2 high-intermediate

B2 high-intermediate> to C1 advanced

When can I do Italian lessons?

The Standard Course consists of 2 ONLINE lessons per week of 2 hours each with the presence of one of our professional teachers.
The timetable with precise days and times is to be agreed on according to the needs of the group.
The course lasts 10 weeks.

How much does an Italian course at Oversea cost?

Enrolment fee + course material € 50,00
Individual fee € 410,00

The fee includes Entry Test, Final Test Certificate of Attendance with the level achieved according to the Council of Europe, teaching materials

The course is activated with a minimum of 8 participants. You can attend the course online or in person at the Oversea headquarter in Turin.