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English School in Turin

Courses of Legal English

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Professional webinars

Ielts preparation courses

Oversea offers Ielts preparation courses in Turin for professionals and youn people training in webinar and e-learning mode.

The best courses in Turin for one to one or group training are customized for all professional needs.

Discover the legal webinars for lawyers and the accounting webinars for people working in administration.

Business Courses

English courses in Turin

In addition to the general English courses, Oversea is specilized in business courses which are available in the four main European languages: English, French, Spanish and German. They can be one to one, group or organised in the effective blended formula (part with the teacher, part self-training).

The E-learning law course is the solution to bring with your Legal English anytime. Modules are available for civil and criminal lawyers.

Seminars in English

Mindfulness courses in Turin

Oversea seminars are the tool you need to refine your skills and obtain real results for your personal and professional growth. Time management, mindfulness, effective communication or presentations: discover all the training opportunities offered by Oversea to catch up with professionals around the world.

Translation and Interpreting Services

Subtitling and Voiceover

OVERSEA offers Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling services that enable clients to win over his interlocutors, between savoir-faire and technicalities. A network of professionals expert in meeting the needs of communication in a foreign language.


Where to take English courses in Turin

Among the best English schools in Turin, Oversea offers a wide range of proposals: from English courses for workers to niche courses such as Legal English courses. The online English lessons require the presence of a teacher, or can be followed in e-learning mode. Self-education English courses are dedicated to the needs of workers and professionals in the fields of healthcare, tourism and education who wish to obtain a certificate in a foreign language.

By exploring the Seminars category, you can discover that our company is not just about foreign language training. If you are looking for motivational seminars for companies, here you can find proposals to help you grow professionally and internationally. You can find seminars on time management, presentations and public speaking, but we think that among the mindfulness seminars in Turin, Coach Patrizia’s is an absolute must! A seminar about mindfulness entirely in English, to learn the techniques of good daily living, but also an opportunity to take a full immersion course in a foreign language that has the flavour of an experience abroad.

Where to take Ielts in Turin

Among the top courses for international English certifications are Ielts preparation and preparation for the Toles exam to obtain legal English certification. We organise group or individual courses, depending on the needs of the students. For legal training we offer professional webinars.

Document translation service

Alongside the specialised courses for workers and professionals, Oversea offers the online document translation service, with particular attention to the contents of the legal, technical and administrative sectors. Moreover, Oversea searches for interpreters on the whole Italian territory and is able to provide support for subtitling and voiceover to complete corporate or private videos. Oversea also provides a sworn translation service at the court of Turin.

Italian lessons for foreigners online

Where to study Italian in Turin? The Visiting Italy project is the answer for those who want to learn Italian in town. Standard courses for all levels, preparation courses for the Celi, Cils and Plida Italian certificates or intensive courses are available. The training is online, therefore intended for students from all over Italy and abroad. The business Italian course is of interest to foreign workers who wish to improve their knowledge of the Italian language for business use.

Where to speak English in Turin

Amongst Oversea’s courses, there is a more generic option that has as its key element the strengthening of the spoken language. If you are wondering how to practice your English, and speaking and listening are your weak points, explore the professional webinars section to find the ideal solution.

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