General English Webinars

The general webinars for adults who work are a ‘less demanding’ version of the more technical courses for lawyers and accountants. Designed for any professional, they are short and dedicated to maintaining language skills at any time of the year.

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E-learning business

E-learning business courses are e-learning courses for people who wants to learn English specifically for the world of work. Some courses are specific to: healthcare professionals, tour operators and teachers.

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Business English – Groups

Group courses for companies are offered in the following languages: ENGLISH / FRENCH / SPANISH / GERMAN and aim to optimise training time for several people at the same time.

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Mindfulness Seminar

The seminar HOW TO BECOME YOUR BEST SELF, aims to start a path to manage your time and your daily activities with less stress and greater self-awareness.

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Effective Communication Seminar   

Two methodologies to improve the communication efficiency of the individual worker and his/her interaction with others. 

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Problem Solving And Analysis Skills Seminar  Courses

A seminar to give tools on how to approach and solve a problem by developing analytical skills. 

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Speaking In Public Seminar

A seminar to give tools to be able to conduct the best and most effective presentation of each project and/or presentation to a foreign audience. 

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I have been attending Oversea for some years to improve my English and in particular Legal English: thanks to the teachers of the school and above all to Patrizia who with her enthusiasm and professionalism manages to stimulate me and always find useful study ideas.

Franca Borla

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